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LHR ORBX Compatibility


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I have LHR installed, along with England Region, True Earth GB South, GB Libraries and Open LC Europe, from ORBX,  all installed as well.  This is what I get.


I have disabled some ORBX BGL files.  But, the ORBX files are all above LHR in the scenery library.  And I can't move LHR above the ORBX files.


Does anyone have any thoughts?




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8 minutes ago, RobertO said:

I'll look into this with ORBX.  But, why can't I move LHR above the ORBX products in the scenery library?  It's locked in a position below them. 

That's a limitation of Lookheed Martin for there new System to register Addons. Only the "old" Scenery.cfg based addons (defaults of P3D) can be changed in the layers.

But, based on the SDK there is still no Option given to Addon Developers to define the sorting of the addons while the registation process or in the xml of the addon.

And all new registered addons will be placed below any other existing addon already existing.

So, when Orbx is installed first, it is alway above the later installed Airports, as long as the user don't use the Orbx tools to define the "insertation points" for Orbx, which is a workaround for this general P3D issue.

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Let me add to Oliver's good description that you'll find all the sceneries like your LHR with the "greyed out" boxes cannot be moved like the old system. It's not just LHR.


See post #2 in this link for a simple graphic showing how to use the Insertion Point tool if you don't know how. See the section on "Insertion Point" in the Orbx Central guide (link) for information on Orbx entries that don't need to be below all your other add-ons.

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