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A350 PFPX profile ?

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Hi Phil,

Well, it is more like a gutfeeling. As I wrote... Simbrief is very much alive and integrates very well with Navigraph Charts and the German VA Airline DLH virtual and their smartCARS.

I can make a very good workfow

I think it is very pity that the devs of PFPX and Topcat have stopped. At least, that is what I see.

Grz form a rainy Holland

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it is different for all of us.


on the a350 it is very hard to get datas and i do not know how accurate is simbrief. i will check with some real world flightplans and report the difference between pfpx and sim brief.


the lack of answer from a developper for a product that is working is not surprising: pfpx is working and they are fixing the server when there is a problem.


now topcat, it is very simple judith said in the past anybody with the skill to program can contact them i doubt a lot has done it ...

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