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May's Screenshot Contest - Night Lighting

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Hello folks,


Been a busy month an again I have faltered in getting the SSC out in a timely manner.  I was going to make it an "Anything Goes" month, but figured - Nah.  I have not had much time to sit in-front of the Sim due to work (which unfortunately I have to go in to the office - but still thankful non-the-less).

This month we are going to go with the Night Lighting theme, and yes I know the SIM platforms have not really nailed night lighting as it either under-done or over exaggerated, but lets give it a go.  Here are my humble efforts.


Blasting out of ENNK - DA62 (P3D v4.5)


Getting vectors out of KPDX - DA62 (X-Plane 11)


Short final into KBFI - Beech Baron (X-Plane 11)


KA350i - X-Plane 11


Blasting out of LOWW - A321


Landing at LOWI - A321 (X-Plane 11)


Setting up for final into KMIA - A321 (X-Plane 11)




As Always   - All participants are ONLY allowed 1 image if you post more than one - ONLY the first entry will be judged and the others deleted.


Users are allowed to change their posted image up until the time frame allowing you to do so expires.  If you fail to post an image based on the theme of the month, it is very likely that the image will not be considered during "judgment day".


This a multi-sim platform for your images as we also welcome X-Plane, DCS, Infinite Flight and even AeroFly images.



Good luck to all participants.




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6 hours ago, MatthiasKNU said:

Then this is mine for this month!



Good luck to all!


I absolutely love the lighting in this shot bar the cabin lighting.... polar opposites. Maybe repaint the cabin lighting with some life in it and you have a winner.

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Not to try to win, only to take part to appreciate @kroswynd 's great engagement 🙂


(My demand on myself is "What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get", so no shaders, no clouds or weather addons, no photoshopping. But in this case I decided to brighten the screenshot a little bit so that you can get a better impression how it looks like when your eyes are used to the darkness and if the picture doesn't stand beside a bright shining white background like the screenshots do here.)
Paris at night       (Sim: FSX, a/c: Schweizer 300 CBi, scenery: "Paris - Île de France VFR pour FSX" from France VFR)  


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  • Deputy Sheriffs
On 5/14/2020 at 1:47 AM, MatthiasKNU said:

Then this is mine for this month!



Good luck to all!


May's contest was a challenge going back and forth between the awesome shots posted.  Congratulations to MatthiasKNU !!

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