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Updater installed more then one times and did not work

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i run into Problems since i have installed A330PRO.
Now newer installed AS-Programs are not seeing in the Updater.

So i installed A330Pro, not visible in the Updater,

So i installed GnefV200, not visible in the Updater.

But since GenfV200 i see a secound icon to open the updater on my desktop.

the old version V1.5.0.0       is installed here: "D:\USERNAME\Aerosoft\ASUpdater"

the newer Version V1.5.0.0 (Installed with GenfV200-Airport)  is installed here: "C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Aerosoft\ASUpdater"

with AS-Installers seems we run into Problems now? Doubled installs?


hope you can fix this shortly!



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  • Developer

There's been a mistake in the product XML files. I changed the updater to be able to deal with that. Just run your Updater. It will update itself to version and the detection of some add-ons like Geneva or the A330 will work again.

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