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Custom waypoint in procedure or after hold

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Hello everyone


Is there any valid reason why under certain circumstances, I can't create a custom waypoint and insert it in a STAR/ILS procedure ?


Just to be more practical : I'm flying from GCFV to GCXO. Departing runway 01 SID LARY5Q. STAR is LARY1L for ILS30Z. I can't insert a TFN120/12 between TFN and ITF13.... But I can insert any other waypoint like NERVO for example...


On the same matter, I can't insert a custom waypoint after a hold if both use same fix. For example, in the same region of Canarias, I can't insert a TFN120/12 after a hold at TFN. But I can first insert a TFN120/12 after TFN and then create the holding pattern .... Weird....


To me, custom waypoints are not perfectly managed, or maybe at least if the fix is a navaid with duplicates (I understand that there is another TFN VOR somewhere in the world, which might cause trouble).


What do you think ?




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You're entering them in a weird way, maybe that's the reason?


If you're trying to add a waypoint along the  STAR track, use the [(waypoint)/-xx] structure, where (waypoint) is the 3-5 letter identifer of the fix, and 'xx' is the distance desired. the minus symbol can be used as a + to place it on the other side of the waypoint, although this is rarely used in line flying. 


The structure you're using is used for enroute intersections (in your case, you're trying to enter a VOR Radial + DME fix, right?), and doesn't work along STARs in the real plane, IIRC.


EG: If you're trying to add a point 10 miles before BOOTH, pick up BOOTH from the appropriate LSK (don't manually write it), and add /-10, so the scratchpad reads BOOTH/-10, then "place it" on top of the waypoint you're trying to place it in front of. 


If you're trying to freestyle the STAR and enter a waypoint that isn't part of the STAR, you'll find that thats just simply not something that's done in real life, so the sim may not facilitate it. The only Off-Star routing is ATC-approved Direct-to's. 


My sim is down right now so I can't give this a try, but let me know if that works for you or not.


As for holds, youre particular issue is a known quirk of the system. The VOR/Radial/DME Fix feature in the Collins was programmed for the old pre-GPS RNAV days, we don't use it in our operation as Lat/Long fixes are the norm in North America. As for european airspace though, I couldn't say.

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