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new amsterdam airport scenery

pilot arnoud

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i follewed the steps



1// Purchase and download the latest version of Aerosoft's Schiphol Amsterdam 

2// Unzip 

3// The folders wich are needed you can find in Aerosoft - EHAM Schiphol Amsterdam -> custom objects 

4// Copy following folders "EHAM" , "grounddraped" and "vtg" into the main folder of the new Schiphol Airport 

5// Purchase and download "ALES - The Airport Layout Enhancement Solution" by Pyreegue 

6// Unzip 

7// Copy "ALES LIB" folder into the Schiphol Amsterdam main folder 

8// Copy the new Schiphol Amsterdam Airport folder into X-Plane 11 / Custom Scenery 

9// Delete default Schiphol Amsterdam by Aerosoft from your Custom Scenery folder because this two sceneries will not work together as two seperate folders! 

10// Enjoy 


the grounddraped folder is missing in my standard aerosoft EHAM schiphol folder custom objects.



does anybody have a clue?


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  • Administrator

Do you have purchased the Aerosoft Amsterdam Airport from our Shop?

This is required for this...  Amsterdam v 1.15.


And there is a folder "grounddraped" available.


If you have the Box (DVD) Version of Aerosoft - Amsterdam. you can update to v1.15 here (Registration required):



Greets Heinz


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  • 3 weeks later...

Hello! I have a problem with the Amsterdam scenery, after loading the plane I get the message:

0: 05: 03.133 E / SYS: | There was a problem loading the scenery package:
0: 05: 03.133 E / SYS: | Custom Scenery / Aerosoft - EHAM Airport Amsterdam /
0: 05: 03.133 E / SYS: | The scenery may not look correct.
0: 05: 03.133 E / SYS: | Please see the Log.txt file for detailed error information.
0: 05: 03.133 E / SYS: | (OBJ_read.cpp: 703).


I bought the scenery via steam and I have no idea how to update it to the latest version. Can i have some help please

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  • Administrator

Hello prz3mazz,

please open for a new question a new topic (start new topic) with a good matching title for your problem.

Don't use a question (Topic title) from another user (here pilot arnaut) for a new problem.

The topic title of this thread is for another Amsterdam addon (Extension), not our Aerosoft Amsterdam only.

Thank you.

Greets Heinz


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