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Jens Michlas

DC-8 Autopilot loosing control or...

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I use Flight1 GTN 750, I fly FL300 cruise , Autopilot on. one Hydraulic BYPASS,. Followed checklist. One command in the checklist I don't know to implement is YAW off..  Haven't responded to  that.


Then suddenly in cruise the plane lose it and starts climbing... .and banking... 


Any ideas what the pilot is doing wrong before I start blaming the aircraft.. 🕵️‍♂️


Anyway I wonder why so few DC-8 repaints?


All the best...



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Does the GTN 750 control the autopilot?  I'm not familiar with the product.  The DC-8 has a blend of custom and default autopilot functions, so it may not work well with add-ons that control the autopilot.

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