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How to determine if a new livery meets the standard?

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So it appears that I can no longer use any of my previous A318 liveries before this latest update. I understand we have to make our own and put some text files somewhere lol.. but I have no idea how to do this.

There was a link that said "go here and these liveries will work". Well I downloaded one and it did not work.


EDIT: I realize I am stupid and should have RTFM lol.. so I did not export my old liveries because I am working on a new re-install of P3D. I have been playing X-Plane now want to switch..

SOO... is there anyway to get the old version of the livery installer, and then open up and export the liveries?


Also, how can I tell (or can I tell) if a particular livery is going to work with the newest version or do I just keep trying them until one works?


I'm looking for Tarom. I have one and just downloaded another. Neither works. I would LOVE to do it myself but I have no idea how to do this kind of thing.


Can someone send me a link to ANY livery that works in the new A318? I just want to at least see the livery manager work.



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  • Deputy Sheriffs

A compatible livery requires a liveryinstaller.txt inside the zip.


You can still use the old livery, but you have to install them manually.


Then you can crate a new install package with the new installer. That can you use in future, and will work fully automatic.

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