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X-Plane 11 has a marvelous feature that allows slopped airports which brings a lot of realism to the sim. 


There is a magic line that makes all this slopes of the airport go away, also it takes away that part of realism that has this great simulator.


I suppose it makes it easier to develop sceneries with that line because almost all of your airports has that magic line. 


Doesnt seem right to use that kind of tricks to develop sceneries more easier, giving away great part of the realism, after all this is a simulator.


This is your recently released Ibiza airport with the line "1302 flatten 1" removed from the apt.dat. That's the slope that i was hoping to have when i got the airport.





Of course, there are objects floating and not usable.


This is the flatten version...




I hope you reconsider and stop using that magic line, and respect the reality.



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This is a common problem with "lazy" developers trying to safe time in the conversion because you don't have to adapt every object to the mesh but can bulk convert everything 😐

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Well, I think that's not just 'lazy development' but depending on how the original objects are set up. Depending on how the original scenery is made the additional workload can be massiv and could even come close to an almost complete rebuild of everything and this is can't be done for economic reasons.



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