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Does WorldJetways replace aerosoft airports?

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Hi all,

I was wondering if WorldJetways replaces payware airports such as ones from Aerosoft, more specifically if anyone know it if does so for the Aerosoft Amsterdam EHAM then I would greatly appreciate it

Many thanks ;)



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  • Administrator

Hello Joe,


no, the Payware SAM_WorldJetways is a SAM2 Plugin Extension and only animate most of the X-Plane 11 standard (default) 3D-Airports from the Laminar Research Gateway automatically.

Also Airport using the MisterX Library for the Jetways the WorldJetways can animate.

Airport Addons (freeware and Payware) only need the SAM2 Plugin (this is freeware) installed if they are SAM compatible developed.


EHAM with our shop, and is not SAM compatible... Sorry.


Greets Heinz

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