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Pirate alert


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Hello AS team,


Just wanted to let you guys know about a guy who seems to have fun pirating your products and showed it in a live stream on youtube before deleting the video (proof below).


Just wanted to let you guys know about it !


Kind regards,



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  • Root Admin

Yes, we heard about it being seen in the demo for the new Captain Sim. Can't imagine they like that, lol.  The video has been removed and I have been in contact with Fabio Leal who uploaded it.  While he started strongly by denying everything but after a few mails the facts seemed to sink in and he admitted it.  He also did not have permission from Captain Sim btw. I forwarded it to Microsoft as I believe they would not want anyone like that in their alpha test team.

After we stop laughing we will drop the matter. Piracy personally never bothered me much, it makes life hard for paying customers, is expensive to made, maintain and support, all costs the honest paying customers are paying for.  Our own aircraft are simply sold to the customer who can install they on all of his own machines and often as he/she likes. 

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