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Left MCDU connectextend connectivity

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I'm getting absolutely know where using the Xconnectextended facility. Cannot even get other computers on my LAN to show the MCDU.

i'm trying to understand how the connectivity works so I can troubleshoot. The IP range on my network is 192.168.1.* but I keep seeing different ranges and subnets being displayed from the application. At the moment its saying to connect to and yesterday it gave a 192.168.33.* address.

My question is what determines the address that is being supplied by the Program?

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

It enumerates all your network interfaces and returns the IP address of the first one.

If you have for example Oracle VirtualBox installed, it also installs a network interface into your system with an IP address. 

You might want to check for things like that on your system.


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Got it in one...I had Hyper V adapter running!

Now just back to a black screen with no keyboard showing on the remote PC...looks like I need to go back through the threads :(


Thanks for you help

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