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Challenger 300 Autopilot issues

Marc Poirier

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Hello, i'm trying to get a hang of the autopilot features on the Challenger 300 v2.. and there's something I don't quite get...


I have prepare my flight plan (took the x-plane 11 fms plan for demo) ... I see all my altitudes, speeds, etc...


My navsrc is set to FMS1, my autopilot is set to NAV and VNAV... so far the autopilot acts accordingly, it'll climb (with autothrottle) to my set altitude .. After that sometimes I'll see the speed change and the throttle acts accrodingly, but for most part the altitude never changes... 


If I set the altitude (from FL180 to 8000) and press the VS button, then the altitude changed according to what's on the FMS... At some point (getting to my approach point) the altitude changed to 1800ft.. so I was happy to see it work.. so I pressed on the VS...  to my surprise the plane just went up to 9000 ft.. for.. now apparent reason...


Am I doing something wrong?






X-Plane Screenshot 2020.04.17 -

X-Plane Screenshot 2020.04.17 -

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