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No Serial number for Airport Malaga XP and Airport Manchester XP11, unable to follow instructions to activate animations.

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I bought "Airport Malaga XP" and got for free as a promo "Airport Manchester XP11" on Aerosoft website shop, but my orders/download page says "no serial number is required" which I found weird. Then I followed the instructions found in the Documentation folder of the airport scenery. It says:


¨ In order for the animations to work, you need the Scenery Animation Manager (SAM), which you can download from your shop account or the following link: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/ file/5007-sam-scenery-animation-manager/ Unzip the ZIP file into the “plugins” folder in your XPlane root directory, so that it contains a new folder “SAM” with the plug-in files.¨            


(I understaand that by ¨animations¨ you mean the marshalls, jetways, stand guidance systems,etc...)


I downloaded that version of SAM and the newer one with the installer (SAM suite).


As the PDF states for the activation I need to enter my email and the serial I'd have received after the purchase for the Animations to work. I didnt get any serials and as I wrote earlier in the download page it says ¨no serial number is required¨ next to the products so I cant activate it.


What I am doing wrong?






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