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Navigraph Token won´t work suddenly since Today after ca. 12:00 o Clock

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I am using the latest Update ( Beta). P3D V4.5H2 and flew a few days (every day this week)  with the 330. Using Navigraph subscription since +1 Year. Since later today (after 12 o Clock I think) I can login to the Navigraph browser and click to "yes, allow" the Aerosoft a330 Configurator (started with admin rights) won´t update anymore and does not show the "green status text which indicates I did login succesfullly to use the navigraph charts.


Starting a flight and a quick look into the EFB a error message at the EFB is shown in red.


Important: Earlier this morning it worked flawlessly, also the days before. But since a started my second flight today it won´t work anymore.


Are there any issues (server Aerosoft/Navigraph) or is something else goiing wrong? I didn´t update/change anything on my windows 10 PC today, no further updates. 


Thanks for your feedback!


Regards Marcus

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Yes, I am in right now. Used the navigraph chart cloud.


The only step which I am missing is the "update" in the A330 Configurator with the green status that I am succesfuly logged in. Everything else seems ok and the same as all days/flights before. I recognized this since ca 12 o Clock this day. This morning I did a flight from 7 o Clock German time and all went well. 


Following 2 Errors in the EFB:

1. Error

Verify session error (error) Unauthorized


2. Error

Error refreshing Navigraph token (error) Bad request


Both Erros are shown simultaniously in the EFB Second one below first one.


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I did found the issue!


My PC Time was still on "wintertime" in germany....1 hour behind. I did update the time a few minutes ago and tried again...issue solved.


But maybe important for other users.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Thanks for the very good hint. Although the corresponding setting in Windows was made, it didnt switch to summertime. So either a bug in Windows or due to the timeserver Windows is connecting with.

For users in Germany, I recommend to change the time server to ptbtime1.ptb.de


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I don't think that PC's time settings has anything to do with it. I have to login to navigraph every hour or so via a320 configurator otherwise my session kind of expires and I can't browse charts any more. That's so annoying especially in the middle of the flight... Please help :d 

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