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Blueskystar Sounds and Aerosoft Airbus Professional

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Hi everyone,

I have recently picked up on flying the Aerosoft A320 professional in P3D V4 again. Whilst flying there was a question that came into my head. 

Are the sounds made by blueskystar compatible with the Aerosoft Airbus professional series ? I‘ve never bought any product from them, but I always quite liked their sounds, because I‘ve heard them in many videos.


Is there maybe anyone that knows if both of these product can be combined without any problems ?


Thank you very much



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Hi Mick,


I'd recommend you to ask BlueSkyStar directly, they will know better if their sounds work with our Airbus or not.

Keep in mind that while Aerosoft made the Airbus they do not necessarily have access to all modifications offered by different developers who are not involved with Aerosoft.

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