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I have downloaded SAS 321 livery and installed the folder. But I cannot see it in the sim, P3D 4.5

This is the aircraft cfg files, something wrong here? And it is the right order.

title                    = Airbus A321 professional Scandinavian Airlines System OY-KBH
sim                    = A321
model                    = EXTIAE
panel                    =
sound                    =
texture                    = SASOYKBH
kb_checklists                = 
kb_reference                = 
atc_id                    = OY-KBH
atc_airline                = SCANDINAVIAN
atc_flight_number            =
ui_manufacturer                = Airbus
ui_type                    = A321-232 IAE
ui_variation                = Scandinavian Airlines System OY-KBH
ui_typerole                = Commercial Airliner
ui_createdby                = Aerosoft
atc_parking_types            = GATE, RAMP 
atc_parking_codes               = SAS
description                = Aerosoft A321 professional IAE / Scandinavian Airlines System (circa 2019) OY-KBH \nwww.aerosoft.com \nRepaint by Gustavo Aguiar (www.texturasbrasileiras.com)"

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

If he put in the quote signes (") just here in the forum, it is not the problem, but maybe the line "description" is too long. Reduce the text to its half and try again.

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