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Bad synchronization [A330]

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With one of my friend, we are make flight from Paris (Orly) to La Havana. This a long flight (10 hours). During this flight we have make few tests, and the general problem is the synchronization.

Indeed, the MCDU is not possible to use both when one of guy use it, it's shame. Flight directors are not good placed for the PM (sometimes) , the FOB is different (we made sure to left Orly  with the same level of fuel, and the weather engine is the same (ActiveSky for P3Dv4). And the MCP. For my friend the altitude is too high and the speed is faster.

That's all, the pushback working 100%, taxi no problem, just many desynchronization.


Are you planning to work on it ? (bellow you can see pictures from me, and my friend.)


Pictures :

MCP desynchronization


My friend


We can see my friend is little high and the speed is faster

We can see also see that the speed is desynchronization (20kts>)



FOB desynchronization


My friend


There is a lot of fuel difference...


These are the main desynchronization that we had.


We are nevertheless happy with this system


PS : This topic is not for criticize but just for inform you of these desynchronization and to know if you plan to rework that. We are on the contrary rather satisfied despite some bugs.



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