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Version 1.15 of Flightplan Visualizer released


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Version 1.15 have just been released, and it can be downloaded from AVSIM using this link:


I urge to you to watch the video released with version 1.11 (available via the help-menu) as it tells you how you can manage your flightplans. A video explaining most of the changes in version 1.15 have also been uploaded to YouTube and link for this video is also available via the help-menu.


Below is the entire list of all changes implemented in version 1.15, but to highlight a few: Some of these changes have been fueld by feed-back from Aucery who requested a feature to be able to mark airports as favorites directly from the map-view (by using the context menu displayed when you right-click an airport-marker). Also Aucery requested a few more aircraft to be added to the "database", so a lot of additional aircraft (both retro and current) have been added in this version. I do listen  to all requests/suggestions but I might not implement them as requested, and the new flightplan-filter is an example of this. I would like to send a big Thank You to Bruce Nicholson who have assisted updating the Airline-data. Anyhow here below is the full list of changes:


  • - As a first, you can now import flightplans even if one or more aircraft-types cannot be automatically detected during import. These will instead be assigned to a dummy-type during import, however you need to manually assign substitute aircraft-type(s) before being able to save the imported flightplan. If/when the program gets support for the aircraft-type(s) that were missing during import, the substitute aircraft-types can either be re-detected manually or by using the "Re-process aircraft/airport-redirects" menu-item.
  • Added a combo-box that can be used to filter the flightplans that are shown in the flightplan combo-box on the main-form (e.g. enter "west" to see only flightplans containing "west" in the name). Hovering the mouse over this new filter combo-box will show examples of the more complex filters (e.g. filter by provider, author, season, year, and so on).
  • In version 1.14 user-airlines were added, and these could be accessed via a menu-item on the main-form. However in version 1.15 you can now also add user-airlines from the import-flightplan form, so you don't have to abort a pending import, and go to the main form in case you find you are missing a user-airline.
  • Added MRU-lists (Most Recent Used) to the browser-forms used to search for: Airport, Aircraft and Airline. The text-edit in the top of these forms have been replaced by a combo-box holding up to 20 items (in chronological order, with the most recent at the top).
  • Added a new chart to the Airport Info form showing: "Daily flights per international/domestic/same state".
  • Added Utilization-pct to the fleet report (both total for the entire fleet, and per aircraft). The Utilization-pct is also visible for the displayed schedule (for a single aircraft) in the Leg-Info form. This value tells the pct of time the aircraft spends servicing the schedule (the remaining time the aircraft "sits at the gate", including the time spend loading/unloading passenger and cargo, loading fuel, being serviced by ground-crew and what not).
  • On the main-form, renamed menu-item "Re-process airport-redirects" into "Re-process flightplans".
  • Distance from selected airport to mouse-position on main-map moved from the bottom of the form to the upper/right-corner of the form (where info of selected airport is listed).
  • Using the (right-click) context-menu on the main-form airports can now be toggled (on/off) as being favorites.
  • A few minor changes were made to the default leg search criteria. If you have saved your own default, you should go to the leg search form, press-and-hold SHIFT while clicking the "Reset" button (to reset to "factory default"), then set the criteria to your perferences, and finally press the "Save Reset" button to re-save your preferences.
  • Added MRU-list (Most Recent Used) to fuel-density combo-box on Unit Conversion form. If empty, the list will be preloaded with the values 0.7850 (old default), 0.8040 (often used as a standard for Jet-A), 0.8200 (often used as a standard for Jet-A1). The user is still able to enter another value.
  • The values used in the unit-conversion form are saved with the settings file, so each time you open the form will contain the values entered last time you used the form.
  • Tweaked the method for calculated flight-time. In previous version the same parameters were used for calculating flight-time for all flights. Now these parameters are dependant on distance, resulting in calculated flight times that are closer to those used in the flight-plans (based on statistic-data from +700.000 AI flights).
  • Some of the aircraft have been marked as "Retro", and in settings you can choose to exclude the "Retro" (they are enabled by default).
  • Improved (Boeing) aircraft-type detection when importing flightplans using non-standard naming, such as "B744F" in stead of "747-400F" or "B736" in stead of "737-600".
  • Updated all libraries in use to the latest versions, and addressed some minor issues with the map.
  • Fixed: Newer versions of MyRwy are outputting airport elevation as a floating point value (e.g. "629.92") whereas older versions were outputting it as an integer value (e.g. "630"). In previous versions of FV the floating point value "629.92" was wrongly read as an elevation of 62992 ft. The program can now both handle floating point and integer values, hence can be used with both old- and new versions of MkRwy.
  • Fixed: When adding new user-airlines in version 1.14, callsign was being set to the name of the airline, in stead of the entered callsign. If you added any user-airlines in version 1.14, you should edit these with version 1.15, and set the callsigns again.
  • Fixed: If a Leg search was active (combo-box in bottom of main-form showing "[Last Search]") and all flightplans were disabled in "Enable/Disable -flightplans" the program would shut-down with an exception.
  • Fixed: The list of the airline-codes (gate-tab on Airline-Info form) started with a comma, however comma should only be used to separate the items when multiple airline-codes were associated with the same gate (3rd party scenery only).
  • Fixed: In some cases the cruise-speed was not shown correctly in the Aircraft search form.
  • Fixed: Some of the menu-items for launching the (YouTube) tutorial-videos were missing the tool-tip text ("Hold SHIFT to copy url to clipboard").
  • Fixed: About-box can now be closed with ESC, like most other forms.
  • Fixed: potential issue reading xml-data, perhaps with a the benefit of a slightly better performance.
  • Data: Added support for flightplans using "retro" aircraft types such as: Aerospatiale SE-210 Caravelle, British Aerosapce ATP/BAC One Eleven, Concorde, DC-3, DC-4, DC-6, DC-8, De Havilland Comet, Fokker F28, Hawker Siddeley HS 121 Trident, Ilyushin Il-18/20/22/24/86, Lockheed Constellation/L-188 Electra, Shorts SC-5, Tupolev TU-134, Vickers VC10/Viscount, and thanks to user Aucery Lockheed 1011.
  • Data: Support for additional aircraft-types added as well: BN-2A Trislander, CASA C-212/C-235, CubCrafters XCub, DHC-2 Beaver/Turbo-Beaver, DHC-3 Otter, DHC-5 Buffalo, Diamond DA-42/62, Extra EA-300, Honda HA-420, ICON A5, NAMC YS-11, Mooney, Mudry CAP 10, Pilatus PC-6/PC-24, Piper Cub/Super Cub, Robin DR-300/400, Shorts SC-7, Tecnam P2012/P2006T.
  • Data: Some of the aircraft-types, for which multiple ICAO/IATA-codes exists, were split into two (one for Pax and one for Freight), e.g. Convair 580, DC-9-10/30/40, and Il-96. As a result you should execute "Re-process flightplans" (found in the "Flightplan" menu), and "Re-detect all" aircraft.
  • Data: A few missing aircraft IATA/ICAO codes were added, and some "behind the screen" data for multiple aircraft were updated as well.
  • Data: A few Airlines were added/updated (a big THANK YOU to Bruce Nicholson for the assistance keeping these data up-to-date).
  • Flightplans: The good people over at AIG (Alpha India Group) have once again been VERY busy since the last release, hence the installer comes with 298 new/updated pre-imported flightplans, bringing the total of flightplans bundled with the installer to 738.
  • Flightplans: A few flightplans were bundled with the program in duplicates (2 slightly different names, or 2 different seasons). These duplicates have been marked as obsolete, and have been removed from the installer. Using the "Select all obsolete flightplans" menu-item in "Enable/disable-flightplans" you can mark these flightplans and move them to the "Disabled" folder, from where they can be deleted.


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It's too early to say. I have begun adding filters to the flightplan-, airline- and aircraft- listviews in the leg-search form:




Also I will be looking into the possibility of importing (AI) traffic-flightplans (bgl-files). But beyond that I have several ideas to implement over time, but nothing is fixed.

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