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carenado ATR repaint

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Hello !


I've just buy the ATR from Carenado (42 & 72) but I have a problem with liveries.

In fact I Have 8 liveries in P3DV4.5 for the ATR42 but in the aircrfat cfg files I have 11 liveries. I add a 12th liverery (olympic ailines) and modify the aircraft cfg but it didn't appears in P3DV4. Alle the liveries int cfg files are different than the liveries appears in P3DV4 ! 

I don't understand !


Could you help me ?


Thanks a lot,

best reguards,



I'm french, if you can answer me in french it would be easier for me ; )

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Looks like you're unaware there's a whole forum section for the French language. I'll move this there for you.


By the way, the best immediate answer in English is that your best place to look is the Carenado forum, since Aerosoft is only the seller and Carenado the developer. Here's a link to the Carenado site. It is in English only I believe, but your English is quite good enough to make yourself understood.

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