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AES Night Textures Not Working

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the Night Textures on my AES are not working. They are just the same as they are during the day. This looks very unrealistic because its far to bright :(

any ideas?

Thank You In Advance, any please answer a bit faster, even if you are not sure :)

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  • Deputy Sheriffs
10 hours ago, zDegrees said:

any please answer a bit faster

I think there are 2 things you have to learn now:
1. it is time that you adjust your expectations to real life. It is weekend and nobody promised you 7x24 support.

2. Your comments are far away from being detailed enough to give you any usefull suggestions. So be more specific if you are so in hurry.

I will close this topic now, so that you have time to think about the content of your next post, what you should put into this post, so that people might be able to help you, in case anybody is willing to do so.

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