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ND Popup please and other things


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I had posted that request a long time ago already.

It would be nice, if we could have pop ups for the displays of the cockpit, especially the ND.

I personally find it hare to read the ND, if I want to have some view out of the window, still.


While I am at it. Can we have the feature back, where one can use their own created checklist wav's?

That was very nice.

Also a livery manager for the A330 would be handy.

Since there are so many updates with a new installer, I find it cumbersome to
manually install the add ons that I find nice.


Thank you.


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On 16.3.2020 at 11:13, luko0211 sagte:

Sorry for hijacking this, but why does the new Livery Installer not get installed together with the aircrafts? I seriously did not realised there is one until a month after release.

Hello Luko0211,


I am looking for the livery installer, could you pls help me to find it?


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