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PFPX 2.03 Nav data update navigraph

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i've installed PFPX on my new PC. It's the first time I'm using version 2.03 

I'm struggeling very much with installing a new nav data Version from navigraph. I already viewed that some persons are having this Kind of Problem but the solution didn't work for me.


I started navigraph as Admin , the PFPX path i had to Setup manualy to: C/User/Public/PublicDocuments/PFPXData/NavData.


Navigraph added a Folder called "NavigraphData/AS16 after installing the update to this Location (see Picture). The file navdata.dat is still showing the old Version.



Can somebody help me ?





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How are you trying to install, manual installer or FMS Datamanager ?


IF manual are you sure that you are using the PFPX installer and not that for AS16


The path C/User/Public/PublicDocuments/PFPXData/NavData is wrong.


It should be C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data

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Hi Srcooke,


i'm using the Navigraph FMS Datamanger (started as Admin) to install the Data. But you are Right. The reason for that was that i just manipulated the Folder of AS16 instead of adding PFPX as an ADDON inside FMS Datamanager.

I will try now adding PFPX as an ADDON inside Navigraph. I will report if it is working,

It is working now. Thanks for that help.

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