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Zagreb Airport Runway Change

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Posted on Zagreb Airport Facebook site

“International Zagreb Airport has modified the markings and signs on the manoeuvring area based on a request by the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency, and regarding the change in magnetic declination. Due to the change in magnetic declination, the runway's magnetic directions are also changing. 
All markings were changed in one night and, starting from today, the application of new aeronautical charts and AIP data has been put into effect and everything was aligned with the navigation instruments for the new runway direction, which now has new marks 04/22 instead of the previous 05/23. Magnetic declination modification is a multidisciplinary project involving all international airports in Croatia, certified or approved airports, aircraft operators, general aviation, Ministry of Defence and regulatory monitoring by the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency.”

can this be updated in the zag airport prof product please?


Photos: Josip Škof




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Hi everyone,

Yes, this is a problem that all scenery production companies handle "very hard".

I wonder, the creator of Zagreb airport, when he will make this correction ... and fix it in the form of an update.

The runway's magnetic directions are an existing phenomenon.

Let's hope the scenery is improved too ... and it doesn't take long to "bark".



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Hi johnny 19,

As I have already stated, this rwy correction will not be easy.

We haven't even received a response to our signal.

The official "maker" is Aerosoft.

Many times this is so…! At least one answer… one “promise”…

We wait!

One answer, one promise ... but what's important is an update ...

We commented on an Aerosoft product in the Aerosoft forum…

Thank you for understanding everyone…

Regards, Peter

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  • 1 month later...

When the project is re-opened for a new release I am sure this will be changed. 


The simple fact is that if you have 120 scenery products keeping all of them up to date means there are no new projects done and we simply make no money. The scenery is sold 'as is' and that is if all is right as it is the moment the developers started on the project.  At this moment I know of no plans to update this airport. Sorry.

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Hi ER!K,

Mathijs's answer and the same, I have already "received", it is not in this topic.

Sometimes, “weird” is his idea, which has already been released by Aerosoft, we bought it, and sometimes about airports waiting to be updated…

Our ideas are different…

We also talk about our money… He is about his company, we are about our own…

Oh, and Mathijs, now do not write again that it is not mandatory to buy Aerosoft addons…

The facts: Zagreb airport runway waiting to be updated…

Everyone, all the best! Mathijs, to you too!


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