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Huey X will not recognize Saitec Axes

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I apologize for not posting in Deutsche but my use of the language extends mostly to tourist matters (ex. "Where is the Central Train Station please?") even then a kind lady reminded me that it was "der Banhof not die Bahnhof."


I have a problem which seems to be well known.  The last post to this forum I read was declared "closed."

The axis of my Saitec "AV8R" flight stick that functioned while leaving hover was the cyclic Y-axis Elevator.  The "AV8R" Z-axis did increase torque, and the  "AV8R" Slider did increase the engine RPM

The "AV8R" cyclic X-axis Aileron/Bank did not work.  The pedals Z-axis Rudder/Tail Rotor did not work.


I normally try to use FSUIPC but I disabled it for this aircraft and restarted with all FSX default axis controls calibrated, tested and assigned.  I tried numerous flights with these settings and finally decided that nothing I did was helping matters.


I was preparing to read the documentation from beginning to end but thought it might be better to search this forum first.


If there is some software "patch" that will fix this I would certainly like to learn of it.  I would like to get this rotorcraft up and running.  I am quite an experienced software crafter on my own so concise printed instructions might also be useful.

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Sorry for a very late reply.


The project was done a long time ago but I remember the manual discusses this.

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