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Hello Pelle,


I was testing with the latest flightplan package from TAP Air Portugal available on AIG and here's what's happening:


When I load the flightplan in the main screen all the routes correctly appear in the map. However, when using the "Search legs" function from the menu, some routes are missing. The examples that quickly called my attention were flights to EBBR and LFPO. There are routes to these airports in the flightplan (as seen on the main screen), but they don't come up in the search results. This is without applying any filters, besides the airport ICAO.


When you have a chance, could you check to see if you find the same thing? Thank you!



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I am guessing you have run into the issue mentioned the the topic linked below. Newer version of MkRwy began reporting elevation as a floating point (e.g. 922.26 in stead 922). Version 1.14 of FV and previous expected this to be an integer value and simply removed all non-numeric chars so "922.26" feet becomes "92226" feet. The leg search will exclude all results outside the limits of the criteria. As I recall these criteria limit the max elevation to 20000 feet, and since 92226 is greater, all flights to/from this airport will be excluded (hence why they are "missing"). Version 1.15 will fix this issue, however in the meantime you will have to revert to an older version of MkRwy, and have it generate the files once more.




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