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A330, landing lights not illuminating ground.

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Hi, getting a strange problem with my A330.


I've noticed that upon approach to landing my landing lights are not illuminating the ground, however once i'm on the ground and toggle the landing light switch off then on again they show up.


I'm using p3dv4 HF2 and the latest at time of writing ver

Also using FS2 crew ver 3.6b i think it was.

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On 2/9/2020 at 6:06 PM, Mathijs Kok said:

If this happens on every airport it can only mean some standard file of the sim is not standard. Tweaked effects and shaders can cause this. We seen it many many times.


It's odd though, if i toggle them off then on again once i'm on the ground they work correctly.

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10 hours ago, mopperle said:

I checked it yesterday on a night flight to EDDK and they illuminated the ground on short final without toggling the switches.



Mine isn't for some reason, thinking about it though i wonder if fs2 crew has something to do with it?

I normally let the FO operate them, I'll try doing it myself next time and see what happens.

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I have the same problem . I can not see landing lights ilumination on the runway from cocpit. I check this issue on a few airports and everywhere the same problem occure.

I can see the landing light from outside view and some iluminations for some "meters" in front of the wings but there is not ilumination in front of the aircraft nose wich causing very dificult landing.  I can see iluminations from taxi/takeoff lights but this is not enought for proper runway view.

Anyone can help?

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Yes I have read all the topic to find some known solution.

I have been toggling the switcch many times and no ilumination efect.

As mentioned abobe I can see the ilumination on the ground but just a few meters in front of the wing and fuselage no efect for cocpit view.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

As you can see in my screenshot above, the problem is not recreatable. so something on you system is not as ecpected.

Do you have DL turned on?

Have you installed HF 3 for P3D?

Are you using any shadertools?

What you also can try:

delete the shader cache

start with a fresh prepar.cfg

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Hi all.

I forget about this thread, I've traced what's causing this for me.


I use FS2crew for my A330 and with some testing i have found out that during decent below 10000 feet the co pilot will turn on the landing lights, HOWEVER even though he moves the switch in the VC the lights don't actually come on, but if you toggle the switch yourself they then come on as normal.


I believe my issue is caused by FS2crew and is sorted simply by turning the lights on myself.

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