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EDDK floating objects

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Hi guys, installed the EDDK scenery into my P3Dv4 and I get floating objects all over the place.

Here are some screenshots from the issue.

How can I fix it? I can't seem to be able to move the EDDK scenery order inside the Scenery option in P3Dv4.

Some parts are under the aircraft so the scenery is below the aircraft.





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16 minutes ago, Jo Erlend said:

Hi, have you installed Prepar3Dv4 hotfix 2 (

This was an issue present in previous versions causing incorrect display of scenery objects using PBR that was resolved with hotfix 2.

Dont think so, can I just install the client? or do I need to do a complete installation?


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  • Deputy Sheriffs

If you are already on P3Dv4.5, a client install should be fine (follow the guidelines given by LM!). If you are on an older vesion of P3Dv4, I strongly suggest a fresh install of P3D

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