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Questions about PF and PM

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On PF everything is smooth, controls fine, when I switch to PM, controls are sluggish and my aircraft jumps in the air sometimes. Also, I couldn't get the IRS to align or the autothrottle to engage (autothrottle button went to green, no "Max flex or Man toga". Are these known issues? Lastly, I saw a post from this guy:



I have the latest version,, do still need this?


Many thanks, Ollie. 

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Hello Ollie.


The reason for the issues you're having is most likely the other person's ping to you or their internet speed in extremely low.


You don't need the Hotfix if you have the latest version.


Support for our Peer to Peer CFD (FSX and P3Dv3 only) is in the Connected Flight Deck section of the Airbus X forum rather than here in the Club.  There are also Shared Cockpit Setup and Troubleshooting Guides located in the CFD Forum.


Best wishes!




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