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Possible bug with update


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Good evening,


I just read the following post stating that there was A318/319 folder in the A320/321 folder after the update. This had also been the case after I updated. No big deal, I could simply delete the folder and everything continued to work, but I think it actually contains changes that were supposed to be on the A320/321. For instance there have been no changes to the MCDU like in the A318/319. Might be worth a look ;).






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  • Developer

I fixed the file list and uploaded a new version which contains no other changes than the right folder name.

The A318-319 folder can be deleted.

Sorry for that.

gerade, Mathijs Kok sagte:

The responsible person just send 'Oops' on skype so I think it should be solved soon. Thanks for the notice.

The responsible person is you.... you tested the update :P


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