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Looking for someone to help us

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Hello my friends!


I'm looking for someone who has a second monitor that is not used to display P3D and can temporarily be placed on the left side of their desk at roughly a 60 to 90 degree angle off the monitor they use for P3D (see diagram below).


This person also needs to have a webcam which will have to be temporarily mounted on top of the monitor placed on their left side, and any of the Aerosoft Airbus Professional series aircraft. 


The goal here is to create a segment for an upcoming promotional video using Connected Flight Deck, webcams and the monitor as described above. The video is a for the soon to be announced Aerosoft Flight Simulation Community, which is a non-profit endeavor designed to provide tremendous benefits those who join the community.


If you're interested, please contact me via Private message.


Many thanks!








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