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A330 - Permanent applying Brakes

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Good evening,


today and already weeks earlier my colleague and I had issues with the brakes.

While being in shared cockpit, one or both pilots could not accelerate because the brakes were permanently applied. ("BRAKES" text in the bottom left corner)


Happened just a few minutes ago when we were holding short of a runway and when I came to a complete stop my first officer had the named issue.

I was able to taxi meanwhile he had the "BRAKES" text in the bottom left and the brakes started to get hotter. (last time we had this the brakes had temperatures around 1000-2000 degree when airborne)

When I gave him the PF via the CFD Menu, I had the issue aswell and the airplane was unable to move.


This happens very very often and is really killing the vibe because you're not even able to take off.






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Yeah, we're aware of this issue but thanks for reporting it.


If one of you have Rudder Pedals, you can tap the toe brakes and that should sync things up between you. The other only way to fix this is for both people to close P3D and restart.


We are working on a fix.


Best wishes!


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