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Tuning VOR/DME or ILS/DME on FF B757/767

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Hi everyone,
I have the B757 V2 and B767 plane for X-Plane, and have the same issue on both.
Using the simulator, I am trying to fly Instrument approaches. However, I have difficulties tuning VOR and ILS-DME frequencies. I cannot remotely tune the DME receivers with the FMS. The FMS will just not accept name or frequency of the ILS-DME. For VORs, I can still use the manual tuning as a backup at least, but for ILS-DMEs I don't see how I can tune that without the FMS Remote tuning of the DME receivers.
This makes most ILS approaches impossible to fly. Could someone let me know, what I am missing?
I fly the B757/767 in real life and it the FMS there works differently (There, I have a "NAV RAD" button on the FMS which does take ILS/DME identifiers).
Thank you!
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Hi MarcusB757:


I am not in the computer right now, but I remember that both the B757 and the B767 do not program radio navigation, or ils with the fms. The radios are located on the central pedestal. In fact, the B767 has a special radio to tune the ils, located in the lower part of the central pedestal.



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