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With Aerosoft 320, almost at cruise (FL300)- all over sudden the Autopilot kicks off - A-Floor goes on - speed taper. Not possible to engage again.

No fault indications -  no speed brake - no turbulence -  gear and flaps up.-  weights OK -   If you touch a flight control, it goes off, (its normal then) but you can engage again.

In my case i was not able at all to re-engage AP.  What can be the cause ?

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We seen a few cases of an weather station sending bad data and also ISAs in the 70's.  That type of shift can cause what you're seeing.  We're investigating.  If you'd like to help, please turn on all three logs in the Configurator, and if this happens again please zip the A320 Data folder and upl,oad to this post.


Best wishes!


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