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I would say totally wrong configuration of the aircraft. Up trim to high for whatever reason. Usually your initial altitude should not be your cruising altitude........

How does your flightplan look like, have you checked with the charts....?

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hum, after reasher and call with a friend, i make an error, T/O on OP CLB... not in CLB...  i'm sure that the problem...


for the Fuel Planner, befor A330 release, always use Fuel Planner, for A320... but with last problem with A330 and Fuel Planner, i stop thisapplication for only use MCDU3... but why difference? why TRIM not change after load PAX, CARGO and FUEL...?



i agre with you, when use Fuel Planner, and generate a loadsheet, i have a new TRIM in MCDU3...










2020-01-19 (3).png

2020-01-19 (4).png

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