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Refueling GSX - MCDU3

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Thanks for updating the A318-21 aircraft, your changes have made a good, big difference.


I still have one issue left, which is refueling. The only way I can do it as normal, is not request the refueling truck anymore.  It will work, but it takes about 10 minutes to start filling my aircraft AFTER it arrives:

  1. I tell GSX to fill the tank, the truck comes
  2. I tell the aircraft that it needs to be loaded, but nothing changes
  3. Sometimes, after about 7-8 minutes, it starts loading fuel


If I don't use the truck at all - I start getting fueled straight away ( but not by telling GSX), the fuel digit in the cockpit starts going up straight away. Can it be fixed to use the truck/normal as before?

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There are two possibilities to fuel the plane: GSX or the internal MCDU3 one.

  • First enter the fuel amount into the MCDU3 LOAD AND FUEL menu with LSK3L.
  • If you want to use GSX for fueling then open the GSX menu and the select the fueling option. We have no influence how long it takes and when the truck will arrive. But I know that GSX has some options in this respect. Please have a look into their documentation.
  • If you do not want to use GSX (e.g. no truck) then just push LSK3R and the fueling will immediately start.
  • But you cannot use both function you have either select GSX or use LSK3R.



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