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LSGG Afcad Approaches

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While the runway designation is now correct as 04/22, all the approaches in the afcad are designated for 05/23 with the result that ATC does not recognise the instrument approaches for 04/22 for either the user or AI traffic. VFR approaches only therefore.


is this being fixed?





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robscho, according to the release notes, it has indeed been fixed:



                - Release Version P3D V4.x 

                - Added photoscenery and autogen surrounding the airport.

                - Corrected approach lights systems for both RWY 04 and 22.

                - Corrected runway end lights color.

                - Replaced default LOC and VOR with custom models.

                - Various flatten improvements.

                - Removed ORBX lights placed inside airport boundary.

                - Removed double lake shorelines.

                - Added pre-rendered light effect on ground next to hangar buildings.

                - Fixed incorrect compression for texture files.

                - Corrected Config tool

                - Fixed missing runway description

                - Fixed config-tool

                - Corrected instrument approaches to match new runway designations.

                - Removed PAPI lights from grass runway.

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Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.

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