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Chania Ioannis Daskalogiannis (LGSA) Major PBR update!

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Hello and happy new year to everyone!


Three months after the release of LGSA scenery from AEROSOFT for P3D and two updates for fixing some bugs, it was time for a major update of the scenery! This update is not for fixing bugs but rather to bring the scenery to the PBR ERA (after a first attempt during second update).

So, 22 files of the existing scenery have been modified and 65 more added so that a full PBR update takes place.

This update includes:

PBR textures and normal maps to the ground textures and lines.

PRB textures  to the Main Terminal building, apron objects and vehicles, animated objects, gas stations, apron signs, objects close to the runway and most of the other 3d objects of the scenery. Some of the objects also have normal maps. 

Corrections to some night textures to become more realistic after applying PBR.

Some images:



















The update will be available by the end of this week through AS updater.


Happy new year!



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Hi Manwlo,

this update is not available through the AS updater so far.

Can you confirm you send it to PC aviator so that I can download the latest full installer ?

Thank you in advance for your support.

Best regards,


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The version is a complete new installer which you can download from the store from where you purchased LGSA.

All shops have of course been provided with the new version.


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Thank you, Tom, for your answer.

No luck so far to get it...

Crossing my fingers !


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Can someone please tell me how to install this. Where do I direct the installer to install the scenery? Tried manually and now I get a CTD at the airport select menu when i choose Chania.

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