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Haven't flown the CRJ in a while, but when I got my new throttle quadrant, I decided to upgrade to the professional model. (The navigraph integrated EFB was just too good to resist.) The poor climb performance and cruise speeds I remember were fixed for me, but now my autopilot is on the fritz. Follows the plan for a while and switching from heading hold to nav and back doesn't break it at first. Was just doing a test flight, however, when the plane stopped following the flight director when turning to intercept the localizer. This had happened on a previous vatsim flight when I tried to head direct to a waypoint after getting vectors and the aircraft just started turning to the right and wouldn't stop until I disengaged the autopilot and started flying manually.

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I second this.


Especially in NAV/FMS mode the AFSC fails to follow the flight director frequently.


Second issue that I have seen is although you get a green GS indicating a glideslope capture the aircraft routinely goes lower then the GS never attempting to reintercept it as well as the flight director continues to drive you at about 3 degrees downward.

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