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Our products used in education

Mathijs Kok

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As you might know we offer low cost (or even free) licenses for our products used in education. For example there are 15 US high schools with aviation courses that use our Airbusses. Recently we also assisted a Hong Kong based group with the A320. Thought you might enjoy learning about that.




CARE Charity for Aviation - Recreation and Education (CARE) is a non-profit body established at Hong Kong in 2015 by pilots from local airlines for providing basic training courses including Basic Aeronautical Studies, visiting and ATC knowledge studies for teenagers aged 13 - 18 with the aid of PC flight simulators

CARE also collaborated with Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps,  Scout Association of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Dragon Airlines (known as Cathay Dragon) to deliver the Cathay Aviation Certificate Programme for nurturing future talents for the aviation industry

The latest development of Aerosoft Airbus A320 and A330 products are selected as a practicing tool before the final screening and jumpseat flight experience offered by the Cathay Aviation Certificate Programme













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I can only agree with the above post. It is really nice to see that games can be used in a supportive way to complement already exisitng teaching methods. As one can see in this case, it is very helpful for those affected, as they understand the theory better on the one hand and see the practical environment of the whole on the other hand before they actually sat in such a device.

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