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Hello Omar, and welcome to the forums!


We don't currently have the A330 Livery Manager ready (I believe it's listed as a coming feature in our Read Before You Buy link), so currently you have to install the liveries manually, which is very easy to do. 


Inside the zipped download for each Livery is a Readme text tile that has the exact instructions for installing the livery manually.  Basically all you have to do is add the provided text section to the aircraft.cfg file and change the fltsim.XX to the next sequential livery number in the list, and move the livery texture folder to the same folder as the aircraft.cfg.  Then  you are all set go. This practice is still done today with a great many addons so it's pretty standard, but we'll have the livery manager out in the future and this will make it even easier to install new liveries.


Best wishes!



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