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A330 - Jittery Sound at Cruise


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Hi All,


Sorry if I have missed this if it has been posted before, but I am getting a strange jitter of the engine noise from the cockpit at Cruise, its almost like the engine noise is on repeat, but there is a ever so slight gap in the noise when it repeats, so effectually sounds like the sim hangs for a millisecond and then continues, however there is no hang - this happens every 30 seconds or so.


Is anyone else seeing this issue?



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That's not engine noise causing the jitters... It's me grabbing the arm rests and shaking them because the way you fly makes me nervous!  LOL!


I've not heard this, any chance you can use a freeware or Windows sound recorder to record this and upload in this thread?




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I have noticed the same. I didn't have time to fly the A330 regulary but I did to short Test flights (MUHA-KMIA) and KMIA-MUHA, but not on the same day.

On both flights, I heard it once during climb. On both flights I only heard it once, the last flight was exactely then, when I used the A330 Printer. On the first flight I don't remember that I hit a button but it was also on climb at app. 12'000 ft.

It was like you discribe it the sim would hang (not realy an engine sound). Did you heard it again or have you recorded it? Maybe you can attch. it here so I can compare if it's the same that I have.


Kind Regards


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