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Nigel Edwards

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I'm having to re-install FS9 following a hard drive problem but when I re-installed AES I have lost all my activated airports and credits (60 credits purchased :( ). Is there any way of re-activating my credit keys so I can get back to where I was?

Hoping someone can help!!

Best wishes and Happy New Year


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did you only install also Windows?

if no, then check the Creditpage in AESHelp if you see the Serials. Then you only need to check the airports you have in the airport list.

Do you have access to the old installation?

If so, copy all *.DAT files you find in the FSAerosoftAES directory into the new AES directory and run the installer once again.

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I have recently had to reinstall FS9 also....WARNING...

Be sure to reinstall the fs9 update before you download anything to the original CFG, or it will not attatch its self to the fs9 program properly and you will have to uninstall ...and reinstall it all again...I know only too well.

A tip for reloading AES...before removing fs9, copy the entire AES file found in Aerosoft's file, mine is

C:program filesmicrosoft gamesflight simulator9aerosoftAES

Once you have made your coppy put it some where safe and then reload fs9, after the reinstall , run the AES program again.... ( latest version) and then overright the AES file ( found as above) with the saved copy... go to the help shortcut for AES click activate airports, then click syinc/repair and you are back to where you was prior the reinstall.....easy !!!!!!

just be sure to update FS9... FIRST.

Hope this helps....

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