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Fuel Planner Output Details


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I was wondering if the powers that be would be kind enough to provide the header details for the present A330 fuel planner output file?


Data output=



PAX;CARGO;?;?;?, etc.


Thanks for any help given..; and.. Happy New year !

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Here is how you define that data.


Open the Fuel Planner and set which ever values in all the fields that you wish, then select Generate Load Sheet. 


Keep the Fuel Planner open, and also open the LoadSheet333 file (the one you pulled the data string for), which as you know is located in the 

Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Fuel Planner\LoadSheets folder.


Then just match up the values between what you entered in the Fuel Planner and the Loadsheet.


SPECIAL NOTE:  The values in the Loadsheet are always in KGs regardless of the KGs or LBs being set in the Fuel Planner.



Best wishes my friend.




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Thank you for the reply.

I have reviewed what you suggested; however, there continue to be fields that are not clear to me. Perhaps the are calculated fields but it would make my efforts at documenting values presented much easier if I knew what they are supposed to represent. The ones in question are those marked with '?' in the text file.



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59 minutes ago, canuck21a said:

Thank you,

That has helped.

I still do not know what the other two values of '84' and'0' relate to but they seem to be constants as is apparently the DOW.

On that basis I can now leave you alone on this topic.


84 is generally the accepted weight of a passenger


Edit: the Aircraft_A330.xml file in the AircraftData folder has the line <paxweight>84</paxweight>


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