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Is the VNAV descent ball not working on the A330? I can't perform a managed descent because the ball is bouncing up and down. This results in a steep dive of over >4000FPM and can only use vertical speed mode to follow the profile manually. I had the same issue with the smaller buses and wondering if anyone else is experiences this? 


A330 Version -


P3D Version - 4.5.13


Thank you

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  • Routes: All routes I have done in the USA; each arrival had a STAR and altitude constraints. Same happens if there is no STAR so I don't believe it's tied to the route.
  • FMGC: All altitude constraints were correct in the MCDU before descent. 
  • Winds: Happens whether I insert the winds or not, did not make a difference.
  • Weather Engine: ActiveSky for PD3V4 - latest version 7208
  • Weather Settings: Max Cloud & Wind Turbulence 20%, Turbulence Scale 10%, Enhance Turbulence Off, Realistic Thunderstorm Up & Down Draft Rate Off
  • Flight Level: Any flight level (FL300 - FL390); it starts as soon as I push managed descent. 
  • Speed: Cruise at 82 Mach with speed in managed mode.
  • Load: Under Max Landing Weight 160T - 165T
  • Reinstall: Completed, no change.
  • Framerates: Steady >20
  • Fuel Planner Only with no GSX
  • A330 Version -
  • P3D Version - 4.5.13
  • Flight Controls: TM Warthog (Calibrated with no issues in manual flight)


The ball is steady at first; then as the waypoint gets closer it drops suddenly and the aircraft pitches >4000FMP to chase it. Then the VNAV ball starts to YOYO and descent profile is all over the place. 


Thank you

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