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Airbus A330-300 P2F?

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Is there even such a thing?

If there were...surely someone would try to alter the bump maps, alpha layers and such to "emulate" the cargo door (i.e. the door is only there in the paint...not in the model...i.e. again...it will not open unless there is a corresponding model to accompany it) ;)

.......naw...that's crazy....NOBODY.....not even a committed FreightDog like Steve would ever attempt something as ludicrous as that..............

















would he?





That's crazy-talk.....it'll never happen.


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16 hours ago, marvic said:

Well lets say this guy Steve would manage such a feat, would he be willing to share with the rest of the class? :P

Well...that has been his modus operandi for going on 18 years now....so I don't think that will change (short answer...yes).

Have to help Santa deliver this one first though....



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1 hour ago, AA777-200ER said:

How about the backside P2F? Front looks good though!  🙂

You caught a painter in his little scam..... :)

Only the front is in work thus far.....before I spent time on the tail I needed to see if customizing the bump and shadow maps would yield good enough results on the cargo door to continue with the rest of this paint.

I learned long ago that if a certain part of a paint is going to be tricky to the point where it might not even work...do not spend time painting the rest of the plane until you know for sure.


You'll see the yellow tail in due time ;)


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