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Lukla P3DV4 - blurry textures

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I brought Lukla for P3DV4 today and i am really impressed by the Lukla Airport.


I did a flight from Lukla to the Mount Everest Base Camp by Helicopter with a Milviz MD 530.


I have all sliders to Max and 30 fps, 12 GB Ram of 32 GB Ram loaded,

the GPU (2080)  is at 50% the CPU at 30% (I9 9900KS). 


But I noticed blurry textures if you fly close to the mountains, shortly after Lukla.

See the image, the brown hill on the right side.


I am aware that there are satellite images with different resolutions, sharper images around the airports,

less sharper in other areas.


But It looks strange because the autogene trees are pretty sharp on the "blurry" underground.


Is this "as good as it gets" or I am doing something wrong? 


May be you could ad some sharper structures to the satellite images in a further update,

so they appear crisper?


Greetings Erik





Lukla P3D.jpg

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