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FF B767 Pro und Ext. - Update auf V1.31


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FlightFactor hat die B767 upgedatet, um damit u.a. auch die Erweiterung für das Avionics-Upgrade zu ermöglichen.


Die weiteren Änderungen siehe nachfolgend:


- added FPDS Avionics (available as an extension)
- added alt alert zone option
- added saving/restoring windows positions and active context (pop-up or pop-out, etc)
- fixed some brake related lamps logic
- fixed possible glitches in TERR/WXR images after consequent mode changing
- fixed look-ahead markers depiction in TERR
- fixed WXR strange patterned output in some cases
- fixed an issue with right VHF mic transmitter not working
- fixed the APU spool time
- fixed fd/cmd fma indication for land2/land3 modes
- fixed right cdu pop-up clickzone
- fixed Icelandair livery in the 767_Europe_3 pay-ware livery package
- fixed Hawaiian livery in the 767_Oceania pay-ware livery package
- fire test correction
- default VHF MIC buttons changed
- changed the brake hydraulic pressure logic
- removed PA from cargo
- vor auto/man is automatically set to auto when hsi mode returns to map/plan
- some fixes for VOR MAN/AUTO logic

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