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Autoflight Trouble with Waypoints Close Together?


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I took my maiden flight in the A330 yesterday: DLH469 from KAUS to EDDF.  Overall, a very nice experience.  I did observe some minor issues with the autoflight system that were a little irritating:


As I got close to EDDF, I flew the UNO25S RNAV approach inbound to RW 25L from the UNOKO fix.  As I was passing through UNOKO, IBVIL, and MANUV, the aircraft "overshot" UNOKO a little bit, and kept veering off course to try and turn back around to hit UNOKO again, rather than just continuing on toward IBVIL or even MANUV.  I had to manually intervene by pressing the HDG knob and selecting a heading toward MANUV.  It was not a major issue, but the aircraft seemed to have a bit of trouble with getting itself back on course smoothly if it overshot a fix in a series where several of them were close together.


I was using real-time weather fed in from AS P3Dv4, and the conditions near EDDF were very windy and rainy at the time.  So I think the weather was a factor in the aircraft getting off course just a bit.  Perhaps the real thing also behaves this way, I'm not sure.  But it seems like the autoflight system could perhaps handle this situation a little better?  Just wondering.


Also, a question: does the weather radar only show on the left side ND?  Or did I miss a switch or setting somewhere to enable it on the right side ND, as well?  I only got weather on the left side ND during my flight.


I have version installed currently, but will plan to update to later today.


Thanks for making a great product overall, really enjoying it so far.  Will love it even more once all the little initial bugs get sorted.

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Hello Sir!


Very nice to hear, that you enjoy the A330. The overshoot issue can be many things. It can for sure be some Autoflight variations, but I was mostly thinking of your speed in this example. 

Can you remember by that time how your speed was set? What is managed or selected? Because if you had selected, let’s say 280 knots on the way to a sharp turn at an altitude below 10.000 ft, the plane with most likely overshoot.


Let me know if you have experienced other flight with the same problem in the newer versions of the A330.


Many Greetings

MAN/Marc J. Nielsen

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Hi All


I have experienced this problem with the A320 series in the past. It appears to occur when the system processes waypoint passing the aircraft is in the process of passing the next waypoint due to the closeness of the waypoints. The system then says I haven't passed the second waypoint so tries to fly back to it. It can happen straight and level or in a turn. 




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Yes, this behaviour is also known from the A319.
Example EDDF, Rwy25C, MARU6M Departure.
There you leave Waypoint VFM with 200KIAS (Speed Restriction) and accelerate into a right turn to 250KIAS.

It happens that the Waypoint ADEVO does not switch to the next Waypoint LISKU and the Airbus initiates a turn to fly to ADEVO.
When I notice this I correct it with a DCT.



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  • Aerosoft

Hi guys,

Could you please take a screenshot of the PFD and ND next time you see this happening.

Also on the initial post you asked about the weather radar. Currently it's only on the left side due to a limitation that we are trying to solve. So it's completely normal right now not to have WXR on the right ND.

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I've noticed what I believe to be the same behavior in the past - posted in this thread from a while back (with some pictures).  For example, the OOSHN5 arrival into KBOS tends to give it fits every time - my particular experience is coming in from the SW (MERIT transition) and landing south or west.



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