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A330 Pro Best Aircraft ever released for P3D?

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I rarely make these types of extreme comments regarding 3rd party products, but at $45.10 (upgrade pricing) the A330 is by far the best "bang for buck" aircraft I've ever purchased in my decades of buying add-ons. 


From the systems depth (much more than I expected at this price point) to the beautifully rendered PBR VC, brilliant use of dynamic lighting, excellent sounds, remote CDU support, combined with a host of other fantastic features and FPS friendly.  The developers on this project really should take a bow, I'm extremely impressed.


Cheers, Rob.

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Quickly becoming one of, if not, my favorite aircraft in the sim. Certainly some bugs to be dealt with but I am really enjoying it. Once they fix the shutdown sound issue ( I have no shutdown sounds at all), and I can find a Hawaiian Airlines livery, I'll likely be doing most of my flying with this bird. Excellent value for the price.

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